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We are now delivering across the entire North East

Profitable variety

We specialise in integrating Chinese cuisine into diverse menus.

Flavourful Simplicity

Quality and convenience in every bite

Streamlined Operation

Designed to significantly reduce preparation time

Enhance your menu with us

Sweet & sour classic

A popular taste profile commonly found in various Asian cooking. It's characterised by a balance between sweetness and acidity.

Cantonese Sauce

A Chinese-style flavour, consisting of sweeter notes in addition to savoury, and tangy elements.

Tangy BBQ Sauce

Melds the classic smoky, sweet flavour of traditional BBQ sauce with an extra layer of tanginess and a spicy kick.

Sweet & Chilli

A popular condiment that combines the heat of chilli peppers with a sweet counterpart.

Our services

At KC Foods, we understand the demands of running a food business. That's why we've created a line of Chinese dishes that are Effortlessly Tasty, Quality Assured and Business Friendly.

Our meals cost as little as £2.85 each to prepare. This pricing allows for a substantial profit margin for our clients, combining financial benefits with ease of preparation and undeniable taste.


Outstanding Service

Experience our commitment to top-tier customer care, where every interaction is a priority

Exceptional Value

We offer unparalleled quality at competitive prices, ensuring true worth in every purchase

Culinary Excellence

Savour the exceptional taste and quality in every dish we craft, made from the finest ingredients

Innovative Approach

Always ahead, we embrace creativity and innovation to continually elevate our offerings

Why KC Foods

"Their crispy battered dishes are not just delicious but incredibly easy to prepare. Our customers love the variety, and we've seen a significant increase in sales and customer satisfaction.

Our team brings 30 years of seasoned expertise in the food industry


How to Create quality menus despite skill shortage

The skill shortage in the culinary industry can be significant challenge for many food service businesses. However, there are effective strategies to create quality menus that don't require highly specialised skills.

5 Must try dishes from KC Foods for your menu

At KC Foods, we take pride in offering a. diverse array of Chinese cuisine that captures the essence of China's rich culinary heritage. Whether you're looking to revamp your menu or add some exciting new options, here are five top-selling dishes that are a must-try for any food service establishment.


In the fast-paced world of the food service industry, time is a crucial factor. Reducing cook time in the kitchen not only enhances efficiency but also ensures customer satisfaction with timely service. Here are practical ways to speed up cooking processes without compromising on the quality.