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Business & Industry

Unlock the full potential of your menu

We collaborate with a diverse range of catering businesses throughout the foodservice industry. Our goal is to provide outstanding service, simplify operations, and support our clients' growth.

Pubs & Bars

In an ever-evolving market where costs are on the rise, talent acquisition is challenging, and consumer preferences shift rapidly, it's crucial for pubs to stay ahead of the curve. Success in the pub industry today demands not just keeping up with trends but setting them.

That's where KC Foods steps in. We provide an array of market-driven, unique Chinese cuisine options that set your pub apart.

Takeaways & Dark Kitchens

The evolving landscape of food delivery and takeaway services presents a unique opportunity for growth and innovation. As more consumers turn to the convenience of delivered meals, businesses like yours are at the forefront of a culinary transformation.

Choose KC Foods to elevate your takeaway or dark kitchen business, meeting the demands of today's market with exceptional cuisine and unparalleled service.

Cafe & Leisure

In the dynamic world of cafes and leisure businesses, staying ahead means continuously reinventing and refreshing what you offer. KC Foods is your ideal partner in this journey, bringing a unique twist to your menu with our specialised Chinese cuisine selections.

What matters to you

Effortless Culinary Delights

Our range of easy-to-prepare Chinese dishes is perfectly suited for the fast-paced environment of food establishments. There offerings allow you to serve gourmet-quality meals without the need for extensive culinary expertise or preparation time.

Appealing Menu

Stand out in the crowded market by offering something different. Our diverse selection, from crispy battered delicacies to savoury vegetarian options, ensures that every customer finds something to love, enhancing their overall experience.

Reliable Supply & Consistent Quality

We understand the importance of consistency and reliability in your business. Our dependable supply chain ensures you always have access to our premium products, maintaining the quality and standard your customers expect.

Boosting Your business Growth

With KC Foods, you're not just adding variety to your menu; you're investing in your business's growth. Our competitively priced, high-margin products are designed to increase your profitability while attracting a broader customer base.

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